Ford Keeps Its Tech Edge With Second Generation

Ford is causing a lot of buzz with its second generation of Edge, slated to be launched as the 2015 model. This car will utilize modern automobile technology to its fullest, setting the bar and offering a hopeful glimpse of the future of driving.

Exceeding some of the other technologically advanced cars on the market, the Edge will feature the newest engineering achievements in what is called “Driver Assist Technology.” Bells and whistles such as a Collision Warning System, Active Parking Assistance, Adaptive Power Steering and a 180-degree rear view camera are designed to promote safety and ease in the vehicle’s day-to-day use. Many of these features are controlled from a fancy 10-inch touch screen monitor or via hands-free voice activation.

The Active Parking Assistance is one of the more remarkable features, utilizing a whopping 12 ultrasonic sensors to aid the driver in multiple scenarios. For example, in perpendicular parking, the car will not only scan for suitable parking spots, it will also steer the car into position. Incredibly, all the driver has to do is accelerate, brake and shift.

The car uses similar methods to deal with parallel parking, much to the joy of those who struggle with this often-botched maneuver. All a driver has to do is drive slowly, and the car will alert the driver to stop when a suitable parking spot is found. When it’s time to go, park-out assist will help a driver squeeze out of a parallel park, signaling when the car gets too close to another vehicle.

Other new safety features include inflatable seat belts, glove box mounted air bags and a hands free liftgate. There is also the optional Lane Keeping System that uses front-mounted cameras to scan the road. These cameras alert the driver by vibrating the steering wheel if the car starts to drift out of lane.

The BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-Traffic Alert uses two hidden rear-mounted sensors to warn the driver about vehicles in blind spots. Adaptive Cruise Control can automatically slow the car down if it detects that traffic ahead is reducing speed. The vehicle’s suspension has been redesigned to cut down on noise and movement from road bumps.

The new Edge also receives a serious external makeover. The car is being built on Ford’s solid and reliable 2013 CD4 Platform. Mimicking the design of the wildly popular Fusion, the grill and headlights have been updated and the entire body has aerodynamic smoothness, looking more like a big, roomy luxury car than a boxy sport wagon. There’s a sleek BMW-style air-curtain on the front bumper, and the wheel wells look like soft clouds above the tires.

Hitting dealerships early next year, the Ford Edge will come in four styles, SE, SEL, Sport and Titanium, and three engine configurations: a 2.0 liter V4, a 2.7 L V6 and a 3.5 L V6.