About Alex Perdikis

Did you know this about Alex Perdikis?

Alex Perdikis is a busy man. He not only owns and operates a highly successful automotive business— Koons of Silver Spring—he is also an advocate for fitness, a family man and active citizen involved in numerous charitable activities.

Business Professional

Alex Perdikis, Koons of Silver Spring general manager and owner, had a business mind even as a child. Born in Bethesda, Maryland, Alex is a first generation Greek-American. Summer school breaks found Alex mowing lawns and washing cars for neighbors. Even during college breaks, Alex worked. In fact, working a summer job  at car dealership was where he found his career calling. He knew that the automotive industry was for him.

After graduating from the University of Richmond E. Claiborne Robins School of Business in 1997, Alex began his automotive career in the accounting department at Koons Lincoln/Mercury Volvo. He quickly rose through the ranks, breaking records and reaching milestones in nearly every capacity. He proved his worth early in his career when, after three short months, he became the entire organization’s top volume salesperson. After Alex became company executive vice president, he focused on increasing market share and profits, creating a positive customer experience and was instrumental in the acquisition of additional dealerships. He is now part owner of Jim Koons Automotive Company and general manager at Koons of Silver Spring.

Advocate for Fitness and Athletics

In addition to his business sense, Alex has always been athletic. As a youngster, Alex enjoyed playing tennis and became a competitive player in Maryland’s junior circuit. He attended Georgetown Prep, where he played tennis, basketball, track and football. He fell in love with football and was recruited by various colleges. He chose the University of Richmond. He played on the varsity football team from 1993 to 1996 until he sustained a serious spinal injury in 1996. Today, Alex loves to watch football and continues to be active by working out, running, lifting and playing golf.

Concerned World Citizen

Alex is involved with several charitable organizations to help those in need. His tireless work with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS) led to his nomination as candidate for the LLS Man of the Year in 2014. Alex also works with a number of other charities, including the Down Syndrome Network of Montgomery County, Hope Rising, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, Darrell Green Youth Foundation, Cure Autism NOW and many more.

As a father with a career in the automotive industry, Alex is an outspoken critic of distracted driving. He fully supports all distracted driving initiatives and is active in promoting awareness.

At Home in Chevy Chase

Alex Perdikis of Chevy Chase, MD, lives with his wife and three daughters. Alex manages his oldest daughter’s travel soccer team.

Alex Perdikis believes that a positive attitude, strong work ethic, discipline and a desire to help those in need are principles to live by. Alex and his wife work hard to instill those same values in their daughters.